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Some Statements by President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev for Media

Date of publication: 5 February 2020

On 5 February 2020, President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev took part in the press conference dedicated to restoration of the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin with financial support of the Company.

Restoration of Assumption Cathedral

As part of the cooperation agreement with the Moscow Kremlin Museums, Transneft will allocate RUB 360 million for restoration of the Assumption Cathedral.

“Around RUB 360 million, as the case may be, because some new things are coming to light, requiring a separate approval. But generally, that’s the budget for the given project,” said Mr. Tokarev to journalists.

He also underlined that Transneft was the only partner of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, doing this work. “This is number one church in Russia, over 500 years old, the first cathedral built inside the Kremlin walls that saw many historic events. Therefore, we consider its conservation for future generations one of our key objectives,” he added.

Mr. Tokarev also informed that the Moscow Kremlin Museums would receive special hologram projectors. “In March we are planning to accept five state-of-the-art hologram projectors reproducing full-size holograms of these exhibits. And we’ve decided that two of these will be our gift for the Museum,” said President of the Company.

Transneft was already involved in the project of restoring the eastern facade of the Assumption Cathedral in 2016.

During the event, Mr. Tokarev also answered a number of questions asked by reporters about Transneft activities.

Oil Supplies to Belarus

“Two Russian companies have made advance requests for February regarding the volumes of crude oil they plan to supply to Belarusian refineries, but it’s not a given that these requests will be granted,” Mr. Tokarev informed, answering questions.

“We’ve received requests only from Safmar and Tatneft (80,000 tonnes), but this is just a preliminary request. We are not sure Tatneft will supply these 80,000 tonnes there,” said Transneft President.

He specified that the February supplies planned by Safmar stood at 250,000 tonnes.

“I believe we’ll have more clarity in the days to come. Honestly, this situation alarms us because it creates quagmires both for us and Belarus,” added Mr. Tokarev.

President of Transneft is skeptical about the possibility of using the Druzhba pipeline system for reverse-flow oil supplies to Belarus from other markets.

“This cannot be done even theoretically, because too many parties are involved in this technological process. Polish partners, our Company, Belarusian partners. Plus consignors. In our opinion, this would be wrong, to put it mildly,” said Mr. Tokarev, adding that this process also involves some technological challenges, such as the installation of other pumps.

NCSP Development

During his conversation with reporters, Mr. Tokarev also informed that Transneft pinned hopes on cooperation with Vice Premier Marat Khusnullin in the development of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP).

“The NCSP development strategy till 2025 has been approved. The Ministry of Transport made some points, but they regarded cooperation with Taman. We keep this in mind, but as regards the port, it is the biggest sea port today, with freight turnover on the rise. The strategy elevates it to a new level of operations and we do hope that we’ll keep in closer touch with Mr. Khusnullin who will oversee this sphere, developing the port, because there are also a railroad and a motor road there, as well as numerous logistics issues,” said President of Transneft.

Adapted from Interfax, TASS and Prime
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