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Alexander Novak: Russian Federation Will Remain Reliable Energy Supplier

Date of publication: 7 June 2019 Printable version

Russia has always been and will remain a reliable energy supplier, stated Energy Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, answering the question about the stability of Russian oil supplies to European customers.

“We have been and will be reliable suppliers of energy. What happened at the Druzhba oil pipeline was force majeure. The Druzhba incident proves that in order to ensure safety of supplies, we need to place even more emphasis on quality control to disable free access to the pipeline,” he added.

To improve the situation at the oil pipeline, Russian Ministry of Energy and sectoral companies have taken a number of important measures, Mr. Novak pointed out.

“We quickly stabilised the situation: the oil companies, Transneft and our counterparties worked like clockwork, whereas our partners approached this situation with understanding. As of today, the problem has almost been settled, with quality supplies flowing to Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic as well as to Russian ports, and in the days to come non-contaminated crude will start flowing to Poland. On the instructions of the country’s government, proposals to amend the regulatory framework on quality and oil pipeline access control have been made. This is a good lesson for us and other exporting countries,” the Minister underlined.

Adapted from Ministry of Energy
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