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NSRZ Enters into Agreement with Chernomorskiye Kruizy for repair of Knyaz Vladimir Cruise Ship

Date of publication: 25 January 2019 Printable version

NCSP Group (LSE: NCSP, MOEX: NMTP) informs that on 23 January 2019 Novorossiysk Shiprepair Yard (part of NCSP Group) entered into an agreement with Chernomorskiye Kruizy (‘Black Sea Cruises’) for the repair of the Knyaz Vladimir (a cruise ship).

Within this agreement, dock works will be carried out to anchor the Knyaz Vladimir at the Floating Dock, building No. 190, the ship’s hull will be cleaned and painted.

The anchoring of the Knyaz Vladimir at the Floating Dock, building No. 190, owned by NSRY, is scheduled for mid-February 2019.

NCSP Group is Russia’s largest port operator in terms of freight turnover. Transneft is the controlling shareholder of NCSP (62%).

NCSP’s shares are listed at Moscow Exchange (stock symbol: NMTP), as well as at London Stock Exchange in the form of GDRs (stock symbol: NCSP). The freight turnover of NCSP Group in 2017 amounted to 143.5 million tonnes. NCSP Group includes NCSP, PTP, NGT, NSRY, NCSP Fleet, NLE, IPP, Baltic Stevedore Company, SFP.

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