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Transneft Manufactures Over 20 Types of Equipment in Russia within the Import Substitution Programme

Date of publication: 28 February 2018 Printable version

Transneft has been developing the import substitution programme for more than 10 years, said the Company’s Vice President Pavel Revel-Muroz, speaking at the technology conference Import Substitution in Oil and Gas Industry, held in St. Petersburg.

“The sanctions imposed in 2014 gave us an impetus for developing a long-term programme. The very same year, we adopted a programme to localize imported products. Its gist is in identifying the types of equipment to be substituted which affects oil transportation reliability and safety. We came up with three groups: the first is products made in Russia using Russian materials; the second is products made in Russia, but partly using imported materials; the third one is fully imported products that affect oil transportation process insignificantly,” Mr. Revel-Muroz explained.

He mentioned that the programme anticipates the manufacture of 26 equipment types to be mastered. “We’ve already mastered the manufacture of 23 equipment types in the territory of Russia,” Vice President of Transneft added.

According to Mr. Revel-Muroz, pumping equipment is key to the Company’s operations.

Prior to 2014, mainline pump units had been made abroad. In 2014, the joint venture Transneft Oil Pumps was established. Now we’ve reached the level of 200 pumps manufactured a year,” Mr. Revel-Muroz clarified.

St. Petersburg is hosting the technology conference Import Substitution in Oil and Gas Industry supported by the Energy Ministry, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation as well as the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Committee on Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency under RSPP.

Based upon the materials of Oil and Gas Information Agency
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