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In 2017 Transneft Financed the Publication of Five Large Works as Part of the Literary Heritage Academic Series

Date of publication: 19 February 2018 Printable version

In 2017, the academic publishing centre Ladomir used Transneft funding to publish five significant works as part of the Literary Heritage series.

The Company’s RUB 3.5 million donation ensured continued financing of research teams. Due to this effort, works that adds masterpieces of the world literature to the treasury of the national culture, have been published:

- Book about  Lazaro de Tormes (a major Renaissance literary masterpiece which is recognized as one of the most significant novels in the Spanish fiction, second only to Don Quixote by Cervantes);

- Funeral Orations. Monodies (an anthology based on the most important funeral orations by the prominent Greek orator Elias Aristides);

- Caspar Hauser (the most important novel of  Jakob Wassermann, a classic Austrian writer of the XX century)

- The Prelude; or, Growth of a Poet’s Mind (the main work by William Wordsworth, an outstanding British poet, the leader of the so-called Lake Poets, XIX century);

- In Memoriam (a meditation poem influenced directly by Dante’s Divine Comedy, the greatest achievement of Alfred Tennyson, the most prominent poet of the Victorian era).

A number of literary projects launched with the help of Transneft donations will be published in 2018. Thus, this spring the academic publishing center Ladomir plans to publish The Thousand and One Follies, Tales to Sleep Upright by Jacques Cazotte which was a great success both in France of the XVIII century and in Russia. Also scheduled for summer 2018 is the release of The House of Life, a collection of sonnets written by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, an outstanding British poet and artist of the XIX century. In the second half of the year, the plan calls for the publication of The Robin Hood Ballads – a complete series of English tales about the legendary robber and fighter for justice, going back to XIV–XVIII centuries. Petrus Borel’s Madame Putiphar – the best work of the famous French poet and writer that strongly influenced the development of romanticism in Russian fiction – will also be published.

For reference:

The Literary Heritage series was launched by the USSR Academy of Sciences (now the Russian Academy of Sciences) in 1947 for the sake of introducing the domestic reader to literary masterpieces from times of old to the XX century. For almost two decades in a row, the series has been published by the academic publishing center Ladomir. A group of scholars – philologists, historians, linguists, translators, academic and literary editors – are involved in creation of every volume. On average, it takes 5–7 years for one book to be prepared by a team of 10–15 experts. During more than 60 years of the project, about 600 literary masterpieces have been published. This unique collection deserves to be ranked among the top achievements of the world culture and science. The series targets a wide audience seeking a deep and comprehensive understanding of prominent works created by various nations in different epochs.

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