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China completes the second leg of the oil pipeline Mohe – Daqing for crude oil supplies from Russia

Date of publication: 13 November 2017

On Sunday, China National Petroleum Corporation completed welding works on the second leg of the oil pipeline Mohe – Daqing, over which energy supplies from Russia will commence starting on 1 January 2018, as part of the project Skovorodino – Mohe – Daqing, informed the Central Television of China.

The length of the new pipeline offshoot running across the Heilongjiang Province (Northeast China) and the adjacent autonomous district Inner Mongolia exceeds 940 km. The plan calls for annual supplies of up to 30 million tonnes of crude over this line – almost double as much as before.

“Now we are yet to carefully test the equipment and operation of the entire system, to check a multitude of parameters and also conduct a series of preparatory works for the pipeline launch,” said Ding Hyo Ming, deputy head of the project for launching the second leg of Mohe – Daqing.

In his words, the new offshoot will markedly enhance the energy security of China and ramp up the economic development of the north-eastern provinces by optimizing the energy supplies.

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