Notification of a material fact dated April 30, 2014

1. General information

1.1. The issuer’s full corporate name

Transneft Oil Transportation Joint-Stock Company

1.2. The issuer’s abbreviated corporate name

Transneft JSC

1.3. The issuer’s principal place of business

57 Bolshaya Polyanka St., Moscow, 119180

1.4. The issuer’s OGRN


1.5. The issuer’s INN


1.6. The issuer’s unique code assigned by the registering body


1.7. The address of web page used by the issuer for purposes of disclosing information



2. Notification content

2.1. The object of the rating assignment (equity securities and (or) their issuer): the issuer.


2.2. The type of rating assigned to the rating object (credit rating; long-term creditability (financial solvency); corporate governance; other): long-term credit rating of Transneft, JSC in terms of obligations in the national currency.


2.3. In case of the issuer’s equity securities being the object of the rating assignment: the type, category (kind), series and other identification characteristics of such equity securities: the object of the rating assignment is not the issuer’s equity securities.


2.4. The value of the assigned rating, the rating values before and after changing – in case of changing the rating:


the rating value before changing: “ВВВ”.


the rating value after changing: ВВВ-”.


Forecast – “Negative”.


2.5.Rate changing date: 28.04.2014.


2.6. A brief description of the rating changing or the address of the web page where the information on the rating assignment method is freely available (published): Information on the rating assignment method is available on the web page


2.7. Full and abbreviated corporate names (denomination of a non-commercial organization), INN (if applicable), OGRN (if applicable) of the agency having assigned the rating (the rating agency):


Full corporate name: Standard&Poor’s International Services Inc.;


Abbreviated corporate name: Standard&Poor’s;


Principal place of business: Moscow office – 4/7 Vozdvizhenka St., bldg. 2, Moscow 125009;


INN: not applicable;


OGRN: not applicable.


2.8. Other information on the rating specified by the issuer at its discretion: other information is not available.


3. Signature


3.1. Vice President of Transneft, JSC acting under the power of attorney No.85 dated April 22, 2014



М.V. Barkov







3.2. Date



April 30,