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Notification of a material fact dated January 16, 2014


1. General information

1.1. The issuer’s full corporate name

Transneft Oil Transportation Joint-Stock Company

1.2. The issuer’s abbreviated corporate name

Transneft JSC

1.3. The issuer’s principal place of business

57 Bolshaya Polyanka St., Moscow, 119180

1.4. The issuer’s OGRN


1.5. The issuer’s INN


1.6. The issuer’s unique code assigned by the registering body


1.7. The address of the web page used by the issuer for the purposes of disclosing information

2. Notification content

2.1. The full corporate name (denomination of a non-commercial organization), principal place of business, the taxpayer identification number assigned by tax authorities (hereinafter referred to as INN) (if applicable) and the main state registration number under which the record on the creation of the legal entity is introduced in the unified state register of legal entities (hereinafter referred to as OGRN) (if applicable) of the sole participant (the person who owns all voting shares) of the issuer: the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for the management of the state property.

Principal place of business: 9 Nikolsky lane, Moscow, 109012,

INN 7710723134, OGRN 1087746829994

2.2. The wording of the decisions adopted solely by the person who owns all the voting shares of the issuer:

“To approve the participation of Transneft, JSC in the All-Russia association of employers “Russian Union of Enterpreneurs and Industrialists.”

2.3. The date of the decision adopted by the person who owns all voting shares of the issuer: January 14, 2014.

2.4. The date, number and name of the document that formalized the decision adopted solely by the person who owns all voting shares of the issuer: Order No. 02-r dd. January 14, 2014.

3. Signature


3.1. Vice President of Transneft, JSC acting under the power of attorney No.56 dated February 10, 2011










3.2. Date

January 15,











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