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Each year, on the eve of the professional holiday – Oil and gas industry workers’ day – at the organizations of the Transneft, JSC system performing oil transportation, professional skill contests are being held for the following titles:

  • “Best in Profession” among the workers of main professions at the organizations of the Transneft system;
  • “Best Volunteer Fire Team” among the volunteer fire brigades (VFB) of the organizations of the Transneft system.

Conduct of these contests enhances the professional skills, develops a creative approach to work, fosters the sense of pride for the profession, promotes the professional development and readiness of VFB at the facilities of the Transneft system organizations to firefighting activity.

Contests fall into several levels with the use of an actual industrial base of Transneft system organizations and become outstanding events for their participants.

The best of the best are admitted to the final stage: the contest winners in their respective organizations having shown the best results in performance of theoretical and practical tasks of the contest.

The prize winners (from the 1st to the 3rd  place) are encouraged with monetary awards or valuable presents; the contest winner is granted the title of “Best in Profession” and a salary supplement for professional excellence.

Contest results allow for assessing the professional level of workers of the main professions, summarizing and sharing the best practices in labor organization, as well as detecting the most capable voluntary fire brigades.

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