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Qualitative parameters of the human resources are ensured due to target training of young specialists and development of required competences of employees.

Training of personnel for the trunk pipeline transport system is conducted in all directions set forth by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Training directions, number of employees trained (%)

Among the people subject to training, 93% study to get/confirm the required qualification, to learn certain matters of production activity related to the introduction of new technology, equipment and technological processes, implementation of new rules of technical operation of machines and equipment, enactment of new regulations (target courses), and undergo a pre-certification training and certification to be granted special rights. Planning and training of the staff is short-term for the period up to one year.

Target training of specialists according to the programs of higher professional education is performed under contracts of Transneft and its subsidiaries with the relevant universities.

To support gifted students, 100 corporate scholarships of 2,500 rubles each have been established.

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