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To assist the implementation of the government public health protection policy in the Russian Federation, enhance the prestige of the family institution, popularize healthy lifestyle, form and develop corporate culture and strengthen links between employees working at Transneft organizations, the Company implements the corporate program “Solid Family” in 2012–2014.

The program “Solid Family” is addressing the following issues:

  • improving the health of employees and their families in the conditions of a resort zone, raising a healthy young generation;
  • ensuring continuity of generations, strengthening family links, enhancing the educational potential of families, supporting the family traditions;
  • convergence of interests and prospects of employees’ families and Transneft system organizations, improvement of Transneft image as a company running a socially conscious business and arranging its social policy in compliance with priority public tasks;
  • development of corporate solidarity, maintenance of psychologically comfortable climate at workplaces.


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