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Policy pertaining to the quality of oil and petroleum products transportation services

Transneft policy pertaining to the quality of oil and petroleum products transportation services

Being one of the key elements in the Russian fuel and energy industry, organizing the transport of crude oil and petroleum products, and fully realizing its responsibility to consumers and partners, for the purposes of ensuring the quality of its services, Transneft sets the following priorities:

  • meeting the requirements of consumers and other stakeholders by constant improvement of the quality of services for oil and petroleum products transportation, storage, loading as well as crude oil blending by Transneft and its subsidiaries (hereinafter: Services);
  • keeping the requirements of Russian regulatory and legal acts, international treaties, and intergovernmental agreements for the activities of Transneft and its subsidiaries;
  • developing and constant improving the performance of the quality management system for oil and petroleum products transportation services rendering (QMS OPPTSR).

In accordance with the above-mentioned priorities, Transneft is guided by the following principles:

  • planning and implementation of its strategic decisions aimed at ensuring the quality of Services rendered;
  • enhancing the operating performance of Transneft and its subsidiaries by way of expanding the industrial capacity and improving all technological processes, as part of rendering the Services;
  • developing new methods of crude oil and petroleum products quality metering and control at trunk pipeline facilities, to reach and maintain the set quality of Services rendered;
  • constant refinement of managerial and production activities, based on monitoring and analysis of the quality of Services rendered;
  • openness and availability of information on the quality of Services provided for consumers and other stakeholders;
  • personnel motivation aimed at raising the level of their involvement in QMS OPPTSR;
  • raising the industrial standards and personnel competence at Transneft and its subsidiaries, pertaining to quality;
  • making sure the QMS OPPTSR complies with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 and Federal Law No. 102-FZ “Ensuring the measuring coherence”, dated 26 June 2008, as part of the antimonopoly law of the Russian Federation.

For adherence to the adopted principles Transneft intends to ensure:

  • registration of and timely response to any queries from consumers and other stakeholders about the quality of Services rendered;
  • ample amount of resources, including the essential competences, material, information, labour, and other resources shaping the infrastructure and industrial environment of Transneft and its subsidiaries, which are needed for successful production and managerial operations aimed at the execution of commodity and transport operations and supervisory control of crude oil and petroleum products flows;
  • constant improvement of the processes ensuring the quality of Services rendered, based on implementation and use of cutting-edge technologies and equipment, advanced expertise and experience in the operation of trunk pipeline facilities, rail tank cars loading and unloading facilities, specialized loading seaports, and other infrastructure facilities of Transneft and its subsidiaries, engaged in rendering the Services;
  • timeliness of rendering the Services in accordance with the approved Rational Routing Scheme;
  • improvement of information and analysis systems for collection, registration, monitoring, review, communication, presentation, and storage of data on the quality of Services rendered;
  • improvement of the QMS OPPTSR regulatory framework by way of developing new standards and/or amending the existing ones used at Transneft and its subsidiaries;
  • planning and implementation of investment and integrated development programmes of Transneft, as regards the measures aimed at raising the quality of Services rendered.

Transneft management follows the priorities, respecting the principles and keeping the commitments laid out in the present Policy.

The given Policy applies to Transneft and its subsidiaries whose principal activities come down to rendering the Services, in accordance with their Articles of Association.

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