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Prospective innovation projects

Developing a range of high-precision in-line diagnostic devices to ensure the reliability of trunk pipeline facilities.

Among the organizations of the Transneft system there is the subsidiary Transneft Diascan where innovative technologies are developed and implemented in creating in-line diagnostic devices. These devices developed by Transneft Diascan are either equal to foreign analogues in terms of their technical characteristics or exceed them by many parameters. The development of domestic devices made it possible to completely abandon the procurement of similar equipment abroad.

R&D and production activities are carried out through the efforts of Transneft Diascan’s specialists with involvement of Russian enterprises; the equipment testing is held at a special site in the territory of Transneft Diascan.

Developing and implementing a system for monitoring the technical conditions of trunk pipelines.

The results of the project implementation will be used on all sections of oil trunk pipelines, including those running through territories with challenging geological conditions and the spread of hazardous geological processes. Transneft adapts them to the actual operating environment. Based on the complex assessment of geotechnical risks and reliability of oil trunk pipelines under different laying methods, enhanced reliability of the oil pipeline – environment” system will be achieved in any geocryological and geological environment.

Implementing the software package “Monitoring Passport” in the companies operating the facilities of trunk pipelines will result in the automation of the process of pipeline monitoring parameters analysis and storage (high-altitude position, abnormal bend radii, pipe wall stress).


Developing the system of design of pipeline transport facilities at Giprotruboprovod Institute (CSDPM).

The complex system of design production management (CSDPM) is being currently developed and implemented at Giprotruboprovod. This system will provide support for all lifecycle stages of design products, planning and managerial decision-making on all matters of the Institute’s production activities. The system is instrumental in raising productivity, design quality, creating the integrated information space for all stakeholders of the design production as well as ensuring expeditious access to relevant information for making effective managerial decisions.


Developing a leakage detection and activity control system based on the temperature and vibro-acoustic principle (LD & ACS).

To ensure a higher sensitivity of pipeline leakage detection equipment, increase the accuracy of their spotting and the safety of Transneft facilities, a fundamentally new leakage detection and activity control system (LD & ACS) based on the temperature and vibro-acoustic principle is being introduced. The given system is based on using the optical pulse backscattering in the fiber material. The worldwide practice lacks any cases of similar systems implemented at facilities of the same size as the oil pipeline system of Transneft.


Development and implementation of homemade systems of measuring the quantitative and qualitative parameters of crude with improved characteristics.

Developing the systems of measuring the quantitative and qualitative parameters of crude with improved characteristics using homemade equipment and parts with enhanced performance will allow the measurement of crude characteristics with minimum loss of pressure, a limited error in the wide viscosity range and stable indicated values, regardless of the flow structure and mechanical impurities.

Developing energy efficient pump units with enhanced performance

The development of integrated innovation projects for creating samples of import substitution equipment continues as part of the “Programme of Imported Products Manufacture Localization in Russia for Trunk Pipeline Transport of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products”. This effort includes the design and production of test specimens of energy efficient high performance main line pumps with the capacity of 2,500 m3/h and 1,250 m3/h as well as the transfer pump having the capacity of 600 m3/h. As part of this effort, energy efficient high-performance main line pumps will be developed with regard for cutting-edge achievements in the design and production of pumps and testing results on full-scale models.


Development and creation of petroleum vapour regeneration plant and its further adaptation at the facilities of Transneft system.

Thanks to using the double purification of petroleum vapours entering the plant, with efficiency standing at least at 95%, the plan calls for recovering for the technological process of commodity product discharged into the atmospheric air in the course of filling the pipe, slashing payments for negative environmental impact, cutting discharge from railway overpasses by 95% in the process of loading petroleum products as well as reducing the risk of diseases among the population.


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