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To implement the strategy of innovations in the pipeline industry, Transneft has developed projects for scientific, organizational and production backing of innovations in different areas.

The projects are devoted to development of breakthrough technologies, creation as well as modernization of technologies and equipment most important for oil pipeline transport:

  • complex of high-precision inline diagnostic devices,
  • oil trunk pipeline mechanical condition monitoring system,
  • a system of spillage detection and activity control based on temperature and vibro-acoustic principle with implementation and adaptation at specific facilities,
  • energy-efficient enhanced-performance pumping units,
  • systems for measuring the quantity and quality parameters of crude with improved characteristics,
  • petroleum vapour regeneration plants and their adaptation at specific facilities,
  • highly reliable mechanical and technological equipment,
  • systems for increasing pumping performance through the decrease of hydraulic resistance in oil and petroleum product trunk pipelines,
  • studying prospective development of technologies and oil trunk pipeline system,
  • management systems for design production.

Looming large among the innovation R&D topics is development of technologies and equipment for oil pipeline transport facilities in abnormal geological and climatic conditions, including creation of technologies, equipment and facilities for Subarctic Region, low temperatures and permafrost conditions.

Import substitution developments account for up to 30% of the annually done works, as part of the R&D plan.

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