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Environmental projects

Sea scallop: water purity indicator

In October 2010, a test site over the area of 2 hectares in the bay of Kozmin for growing sea organisms (the coastal scallop and laminaria).

was arranged and successfully operates with the purpose of environmental monitoring. There were planted suspended plantations of the coastal scallop, mussel and laminaria and a bottom plantation of the scallop, and artificial reefs were arranged for lodging a population of trepang.
The performed works and the results of monitoring demonstrate the stability of the environmental situation in the Kozmin bay water area. Collection of the hydrobiont juveniles (highly sensitive to pollution) showed a favorable environment in the water area.


Stork nests in “Aistiny” nature reserve of regional importance

In Aistiny nature reserve of regional importance, in order to maintain special conditions for conservation and restoration of the far east stork, stork nests were arranged between Khor and Podkhorenok rivers.


Environmental event “Transneft’s alley of life”

On November 9, 2013, in the Sokolniki park of the capital (in the radial lane six), the Company’s employees founded the Transneft’s alley of life: 150 specially grown transplants of red oak adapted to central climatic zone conditions. More than three hundred employees of Transneft participated in this event.


Environmental Event “Life Is What You Make It!”

Transneft pays special attention to environmental issues and traditionally organizes environmentally-oriented social activities in Moscow.

From June 1 to June 8, the “Life Is What You Make It!” Event was held in Moscow to celebrate Environmentalist Day. Volunteers handed out more than 400,000 light green ribbons and bags of seeds for annual and biennial quick-sprouting flowers.

Each participant was able to do two simple things: plant a flower and attach a light green ribbon to their clothes or car as a sign of their involvement in the event and support of the environmental movement. What is important is that the residents themselves will shortly be able to see the results of their effort: the flowers shooting into growth.

The project being upheld by the Government of Moscow, on June 5, Environmentalist Day, some Moscow buildings were illuminated in light green in support of the event.

Public support and numerous positive reviews on this environmental initiative in the media and social networks will trigger further development of new environmental social traditions throughout Russia.

Environmentalist Day is celebrated on June 5, pursuant to Decree No. 933 issued by President Vladimir Putin, dated July 21, 2007.


Transneft’s Far Eastern Alley appears in Sokolniki Park of Culture and Recreation in Moscow

On November 8, 2014 in Sokolniki Park was held the traditional annual environmental event organized by Transneft. Company employees laid out the Far Eastern Alley, planting Amur velvet saplings in one of the most popular recreational areas enjoyed by both Muscovites and visitors to the capital. This cork tree grows primarily in the Russian Far East and is a true natural monument as it belongs to relict plants, whose history dates back to the pre-glacial period.

Today, these unique plants can be seen in Moscow. The Far Eastern Alley of Transneft, is located on the fifth radial vista of Sokolniki Park.


Upon completion of large-scale construction, there was grand opening of Andreevsky park in Gelendzhik

On 28 April 2017 in the resort city of Gelendzhik there was grand opening of Andreevsky park and a monument to St. Andrew the First-Called. Construction of the urban recreation area was performed by Chernomortransneft and devoted to the 50th anniversary of the company.

At present Andreevsky park is a landscaped promenade area for inhabitants and guests of the city. In the area of 1.5 ha there is a children’s playground, small architectural complexes, pedestrian bridges, paved paths with ornamental lampposts. Florists created unique landscape by planting conifers, cypresses, platans, in total 8,748 trees. In the middle of the park there is a multi-level fountain and a pond.


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