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Sustainable development

In accordance with the Program of Strategic Development of Transneft (Transneft, JSC before June 30, 2016) till 2020, the main objective of the Company is the development of the trunk pipeline transport in the Russian Federation in order to fully meet the needs of oil and oil-product transportation through application of state-of-the-art technologies and to ensure high reliability and industrial and environmental safety.


The main ways to achieving this goal are:

  • Increase in capacity of the trunk pipeline system in order to ensure oil transportation in compliance with the projected volumes of oil production at operated and new oil fields;
  • Improvement of energy efficiency through arrangements aimed to saving energy resources;
  • Improvement of labor productivity;
  • Innovative development of the production activity;
  • Maintenance of reliability of the operated oil and oil-product trunk pipeline system based on the results of diagnostics, reconstruction and modernization of the main assets;
  • Improvement of environmental and industrial safety at industrial facilities of the Company;
  • Development of social guarantees for the Company employees.

Harmonious combination of efficient activities of Transneft in these directions is the basis for the Company’s sustainable development.


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