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CPC (Caspian Pipeline Consortium) expansion

Transneft is a trustee of 24 % of CPC-P and CPC-K shares owned by the state and of 100% of the shares of CPC Company and CPC Investments Company  (that own 7% of CPC-P and CPC-K shares).

On 15 December 2010, CPC’s governing bodies took the decision to implement the project on extension of the Tengiz – Novorossiysk oil pipeline.

CPC’s pipeline system is 1,511 km long. The throughput capacity of CPC’s system before Extension Project implementation was 28.2 MTPA of oil.

The actual implementation of CPC’s Extension Project started on 1 July 2011.

In February 2014, the 3rd single point mooring (SPM-3) was commissioned in the settlement of Yuzhnaya Ozereevka (Krasnodar Region). This configurated CPC’s offshore facilities enabling transhipment of more than 70 MTPA of crude oil. The Consortium is now able to simultaneously ship 2 to 3 oil tankers at the rate of 24,000 tonnes/hour.

Stage 1 of the Project for CPC Extension in the territory of Russia was finished in April 2014. Upgraded equipment of the Astrakhanskaya, Komsomolskaya and Kropotkinskaya oil pumping stations was put into operation.

PS-3, the first of newly-built stations within the scope of the CPC Extension Project, was commissioned at Iki-Burulsky District of The Republic of Kalmykia in 2015. Apart from that, PS-4 was put into operation in Platovsky District of Stavropol Teritory. September 2015 saw the commissioning of upgraded Tengiz and Atyrau stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the expansion of the Consortium’s Tank Farm near Novorossiysk (up to 700,000 tonnes). The total throughput capacity of the Consortium’s oil pipeline system increased to 52 MTPA.

The A-PS-4 oil pumping station was put into operation in Kazakhstan in 2016. CPC’s offshore terminal capacity was increased to 1 million tons.

May 2017 saw commissioning of two new oil pumping stations (А-PS-4А and А-PS-5А) in Astrakhan Region. The commissioning of the stations ensured an additional capacity growth in the Caspian section of CPC’s oil pipeline (from Atyrau PS to Komsomolskaya PS) up to 10 MTPA.

In August 2017, PS-5 oil pumping station was put into operation in Stavropol Territory and PS-8 oil pumping station was commissioned in Krasnodar Region, followed by A-PS-3A station in Kazakhstan in October 2017.

From December 2017, the constructed PS-2 station in the Republic of Kalmykia has been in pilot operation.

CPC’s pipeline system capacity has reached 67 MTPA of oil.

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