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Revamping of trunk oil pipelines for transportation of oil to Krasnodar Territory refineries

Project implementation basis – contracts for process tie-in of Krasnodar refineries:

  • Contract No.38-42-03/3 with с Ilsk Refinery dated October 3, 2013 for tie-in of the oil refinery to trunk oil pipelines and petroleum product pipelines of Transneft system;
  • Contract No. 37ANPZ/7/12 with Afipsky Refinery dated September 12, 2012 for tie-in of the oil refinery to Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk-2 trunk oil pipeline and process pipelines at Grushovaya OTSD (oil transshipment depot);
  • Contract No. 37ANPZ/07/2014 with Afipsky Refinery dated October 31, 2014 for tie-in of the oil refinery to sweet crude trunk pipeline system.

Purpose of project implementation:

Ensure oil transportation by Transneft trunk oil pipeline system to Krasnodarsk Territory plants (Afipsky Refinery, Ilsk Refinery).

The project provides for construction of a 4.5 MTPA oil pipeline, construction of new and reconstruction of the existing oil pumping stations and extension of the tank farm.

The completion of the project is scheduled in 2020.

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