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Extension of the ESPO PS (Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean Pipeline System) at the Tayshet IPS (initial pumping station) – Skovorodino PS (oil pumping station) section up to 80 MTPA

Basis for Implementation of the Project:

  • Directive of the Russian Government  No. 1737-r dated 31 December 2004, as amended in directives of the Russian Government No. 1246-r dated 05 September 2006, No. 231-r dated 27 February 2008 and No. 455-r dated 03 April 2009.
  • Instruction of the Russian Government following the results of the meeting On Prospective Development of Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products, dated 18 February 2014.

The Goal of the Project:

Increasing the throughput capacity of the ESPO-1 pipeline system to 80 MTPA, and that of the ESPO-2 pipeline system to 50 MTPA, to ensure oil export to the People’s Republic of China and oil delivery to Kozmino SSOP (Specialised Sea Oil Port), as well as to refineries of the Russian Federation (RN-Komsomolsk Refinery, NKK - Khabarovsk Oil Refinery).

The oil pipeline’s throughput capacity will reach 80 MTPA; to hit this target, the project envisions the construction of new oil pumping stations and revamping of the existing ones with enlargement of the tank farm and construction of external power supply facilities.

The project’s completion is scheduled for 2019.

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