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Corporate Secretary

The functions of the Corporate Secretary are laid upon a special business unit within the Company: the Corporate Governance Department.

The Company's Board of Directors has approved the Regulations on the Corporate Governance Department and the candidate to the position of the head of the special business unit performing the corporate secretary’s functions.

Among other things, the Corporate Secretary's functions include:

  • supporting operations of the Board of Directors and its committees;
  • participating in implementation of the Company's information disclosure policy and storing the Company's corporate documents;
  • supporting the Company's interaction with its shareholders and participating in prevention of corporate conflicts;
  • ensuring the Company's engagement with regulatory bodies, trading organisers, the registrar and other professional participants of securities market within the powers bestowed upon the corporate secretary;
  • ensuring implementation of procedures required by law and the Company's internal documents to make sure all rights and lawful interests of shareholders are respected;
  • informing the Board of Directors immediately of all exposed violations of the law as well as violations of the Company's internal documents’ provisions whose observance pertains to the functions of the Company's Corporate Secretary;
  • participating in improvement of the Company's corporate governance system.
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