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The Articles of Association and Internal Documents

State representatives in management bodies of Transneft determine the strategic directions of its development and take charge of production and commercial operations and financial activity. The Board of Directors of the Company includes independent directors, under the Board of Directors specialized committees are established.

The Committee for Strategy, Investments and Innovations was established to prepare recommendations and proposals to the Board of Directors aimed at improving efficiency of the Transneft activities, its long-term prospects strategy as well as deciding on priorities of scientific, technological and innovation policy in the system of oil and oil products pipeline transportation.

The Audit Committee provides control by the Board of Directors over financial and economic activities of the Company and is aimed at the objective and independent information sharing to members of the Board of Directors as regards financial and economic activities of the Company and an assessment of internal control systems efficiency.

Human Resources and Remuneration Committee submits proposals and recommendations to the Board of Directors,  aiming at the efficiency improvement of the Transneft activities in HR policy, remuneration scheme and rewards.

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