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Transneft: investments into people

Date of publication: 3 July 2017 Printable version

Social life in Tyumen Region will be changed. How? It is clearly seen through the example of Transneft’s presence regions

At Saint Petersburg Economic Forum of 2017 Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Vladimir Iakushev, Governor of Tyumen Region, and Viktor Bronnikov, Director General of Transneft Siberia, signed an investment contract. Under the agreement’s conditions, the enterprise will within nine years create and master production of equipment for operation, servicing and repair of trunk pipelines’ facilities on the base of the company’s Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant. The amount of investments is equal to about RUB 3 billion. Tax liabilities to the regional budget will be increased.

Moreover, social life in the region will be changed. How? It is clearly seen through the example of Transneft’s presence regions.

Health is a priority!

At the beginning of 2017 the emergency department of Ukhta children’s hospital, the largest in the Komi Republic, servicing 7 central districts of the region, received a neuromonitor. The hospital looked forward to receiving it. This device is necessary for diagnostics of central nervous system damages, first of all in babies.

- Detecting a convulsive disorder in one-year-old babies is a difficult task, - said Kirill Kruglov, head of anesthesiology and emergency department. – Often a specialist independently of his/her qualification, experience and training level is mistaken in case of usual visual diagnostics. The neuromonitor will allow minimizing the number of mistakes.

The device was purchased with financial support of Transneft North. The company as well rendered assistance in purchasing a fetal monitor at the cost of RUB 900 thousand for Ukhta maternity hospital. It is medical diagnostics equipment meant for registration of cardiotocography – fetus heartbeat. Oil companies in all their presence regions regularly allocate money for purchasing high-technology equipment for medical institutions and help to solve economic problems.

A children’s trauma centre was opened on 29 December 2015 on the base of RSBHI (Regional State Budgetary Healthcare Institution) Bratsk Children’s City Hospital. The medical institution has an intermunicipal status: both Bratsk children and children from the whole north of the region are delivered there. Earlier Transneft East financed purchasing expensive equipment – devices for narcosis and blood transfusion – and premises preparation. Earlier doctors’ diagnosis could be confirmed only with roentgenograms, or by means of passing tomography at another hospital with any luck. Now it is possible to perform everything on the spot, without losing any time, precious in critical situations. Doctors work on a 24-hour basis. Not only roentgenologists, but also surgeons and traumatologists are on watch there.

In spring 2016 Transneft and the government of Bryansk Region signed a collaboration agreement, one of the priorities of which is implementation of social projects in the region. Bryansk City Hospital No. 4 was as well included into the charitable programme. More than RUB 20 million was allocated for purchase of new medical equipment for the hospital. Hospital No. 4 is one of the largest medical institutions of the region. It consists of four surgical departments, cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, endoscopy departments, a day patient department and a maternity hospital. Due to the oil company, the hospital received a number of new medical tools and devices.

Two healthcare institutions – a children’s outpatient clinic and an inpatient clinic – were opened after overhaul in Dalnerechensk Central City Hospital of Primorie Territory in the end of 2014. Transneft Far East allocated more than RUB 40 million for their reconstruction and another RUB 7 million for purchase of new furniture and specialized medical equipment. The medical workers are especially proud of the halochamber - health-improving salt chamber with a device for air enrichment with sodium chloride. Pavel Serebriakov, Vice Governor of Primorie Territory, said after visiting the modernized hospital, that the company feels responsibility for the destiny of the region it operates in. It is the best example of corporate social responsibility.


80% of workers are local specialists

The staff for working at Kuyumba – Tayshet oil pipeline of Transneft East is completed. By the end of 2016 more than 600 persons were employed. The most vacancies were filled with blue-collar jobs specialists. First of all they were local residents. The company will finish the programme of recruitment of staff to the facilities of Kuyumba – Tayshet oil pipeline by the end of 2023 – the moment of the oil pipeline’s start of operating with total power of up to 15 million tons of oil a year.

Let us remember, that Transneft Far East is the operator of the second phase of Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean Oil Trunk Pipeline. The route crosses Amur and Jewish Autonomous Regions, Khabarovsk and Primorie Territories. The company is often the only large enterprise in municipal districts of its presence regions. More than 80% of the enterprise’s employees are local residents. In case of successful passing selection, a contract for employer-sponsored education, guaranteeing education and further employment, is concluded with a candidate.

In August 2016 the joint enterprise Transneft Synthesis was established in Tatarstan and started constructing the complex for production of anti-turbulence additives in Alabuga special economic zone. About 200 specialists will be employed there.


Four entities of Transneft system are among taxpayers No. 1 into the regional budgets of Russia
Transneft Druzhba (Bryansk Region)
Transneft Siberia
Transneft Far East
Transneft – Kozmino Port
Information of Kommersant for 2016

Dmitrii Polukhin

The entities of Transneft system are among the largest taxpayers in other presence regions.



Education, work, housing

In 2016 two new houses for the employees of Transneft East were commissioned in settlement Oktyabrsky of Krasnoyarsk Territory. Another three houses were commissioned in settlement Angarsky. New modern houses are under construction as part of the house construction programme started by the company in 2010. Transneft East constructed 23 residential houses in Irkutsk, Amur Regions, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in total more than five hundred apartments. Thereby social attractiveness of working with the company is increased among the local residents, as well as a possibility emerges to involve highly-skilled employees from other Russian regions. Besides, corporate and official housing programmes function in the company. 31 houses were constructed in the settlements where the enterprise’s facilities are located.

Besides, in the end of November 2014 a housewarming party was celebrated in nursery school No. 1 Solnyshko in settlement Ekaterinoslavka of Amur Region. Construction of a new additional building for two nursery groups, performed at the expense of the enterprise, was finished. Gaming equipment for children, dishware and cookware, furniture, textile products were purchased. Windows and doors in the old building of the nursery school were replaced. Oleg Kozhemiako, Governor of Amur Region, thanked Transneft for cooperation in solving social problems at the opening ceremony.

Right classroom for a future engineer

Oil pump stations and other facilities of the company are often located in distant areas of the country – in settlements with one old school, having minimum of educational materials.

As the result, schoolchildren are not interested in exact sciences and do not choose them for the Unified State Examination. Transneft loses potential personnel – even oil workers’ children, who already have an idea of the company and of the advantages of work with the company. In order to stop the “leaking away” succession of generations, the company developed a schools support programme.

- We do not have a task to equip a school at a state-of-the-art level – our task is to equip it according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, - said Evgeny Apaev, head of the training and refreshment section of Transneft Personnel Management Department. The company’s specialists collected information on municipal general education institutions located near the company’s facilities. 236 institutions in 13 regions were specified. Preference was given to the facilities located in villages and settlements. Assistance to schools, lyceums and gymnasiums was planned for three years (from 2017 to 2019) and the selected institutions were divided according to their priority ranking.

Mosolovo secondary school (Ryazan Region) will open its doors for 163 students on 01 September 2017. It was constructed in 1979, since then it was not repaired. Transneft Upper Volga entered into a charitable donation contract for the amount of almost RUB 128 million for its reconstruction.

The pilot project of cooperation of the company’s subsidiaries with schools was started last year on the base of Transneft Upper Volga and Transneft – Kozmino Port. Three educational institutions: gymnasium No. 4 in Kstovo, school No. 2 of settlement Tumbotino of Nizhny Novgorod Region and school No. 18 in Nakhodka were selected. The ceremonial opening of modernly equipped physics, chemistry and mathematics classrooms in all the three schools was conducted on 01 September 2016. By the pilot project’s experience mechanism and stages of collaboration were specified, a standard list of necessary equipment was formed. It includes demonstrational and laboratory equipment, furniture, an interactive whiteboard and training aids for it, a laptop for a teacher, kits for annual final assessment (AFA) and Unified State Examination (USE) passing.

New physics, chemistry and mathematics classrooms with modern equipment were opened in September 2016 in a school of Nakhodka.

In rare cases, if it is necessary, the enterprise allocates money for additional payment for labour of teachers and provides housing for them.

Senior school students in the school of settlement Pervostroiteley of Nakhodka Urban District did not study physics because there was no teacher. Subject to separate agreement the new invited teacher was given an apartment and an increase of salary for additional classes with students.

Schoolchildren from Burninsk and Sakharov of Bratsky District have to reach their place of study only by transport, because the educational institution is located far away. The existing vehicles are obsolete and do not correspond to the rules of children transportation. As part of the social collaboration agreement between the administration of Bratsky District and Transneft East, two new school buses fully completed with necessary equipment for safe and comfortable children transportation, were purchased for the schoolchildren of the district. Besides, now the schoolchildren have a possibility to go to excursions, expositions, cultural and sports activities of Bratsk in an organized way.

Three new buses purchased by Transneft Baltic were transferred to the schools of Vesiegonsky, Konakovsky and Kuvshinovsky Districts of Tver Region. Total price of the buses is more than RUB 5 million; the buses are equipped with seat belts, tachographs and GLONASS devices.


Grand Prix for charitable activities

The ceremony of awarding the participants of the all-Russian contest “Russian High Social Efficiency Company” was conducted on 22 February 2017 in Russian Government House in Moscow. During the official ceremony Transneft Upper Volga was awarded with the highest contest’s award – Grand Prix. Total results of the company’s work in 2016 in social and charitable spheres were highly assessed. More than forty Russian organizations participated in the contest; they were assessed according to different social efficiency indices.

Sociocultural centre became the pride of village Bikbulatovo.

Palekh painting under plaster

Cultural facilities in the presence regions are as well in the area of concern of the entities of Transneft system.

Saratov theatre named after Kiselev is the oldest children’s theatre in Russia and in the whole world. The first performance was held there in October 1918. During the first years the Young Spectators’ Theatre worked at different sites, but in 1973 it obtained permanent registration in the building where it functions now. Annually the Young Spectators’ Theatre holds up to 470 performances; more than 170 thousand spectators visit them.

In 2012 a fire, which almost destroyed the stage and the audience hall, occurred in the theatre. Fortunately, nobody was injured. In 2016 Transneft supported the initiative of the Governor of Saratov Region and helped to finish the restoration works. As part of charitable programme, the company allocated RUB 100 million for this purpose. It was the largest contribution after the money from the federal budget (RUB 300 million), and the total price of the project was equal to RUB 516 million. The money allocated by the company allowed not only finishing the reconstruction, but also partially equipping the theatre with modern technological and stage equipment. Now it is planned to establish a children’s concert institution, which will work with gifted children, on the base of Saratov Young Spectators’ Theatre.

The forced repair brought pleasant surprises. Pictures from children’s fairy tales, identified by the experts as the famous Palekh painting, were detected under the plaster torn off from the walls. The pictures were made in the 30-s of the XX century by the leading masters of Palekh. Valerii Radaev, Governor, said in his welcoming speech during opening of the theatre’s building after restoration, that it was the most important event of 2016 in the region.

In Bashkortostan Transneft allocated financial assistance for construction of a sociocultural centre in village Bikbulatovo of Kugarchinsky District of the republic. Construction of the facility (cost – more than RUB 37 million) was performed using energy saving technologies. The sociocultural centre includes a club with an audience hall for 120 seats (area 139 sq. m), a library with a reading hall and a subscription hall and a book depository for 5,000 books. The centre was constructed from scratch and equipped with ramps and a special WC for visitors with limited mobility. It is an important cultural facility for village Bikbulatovo with the population of 750 persons, which can increase the quality of life and improve the social situation.

Due to Transneft’s support a number of sports buildings were constructed in Bashkortostan. Last year a sport and fitness complex was opened in Beloretsky District and a tennis court for children with disabilities, the construction project of which was also supported by the company, accepted visitors in May in Ufa.

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