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Special Supplement Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Oil Transportation

Date of publication: 20 December 2016 Printable version

20 December 2016, #7156


Conquest of the North
Construction of a unique oil pipeline beyond the Polar Circle is completed

Top Marks at State Examination
Transneft recounts the development of the pipeline network in Russia.

Trunk Oil Pipeline in Taiga
On the process of building the oil pipeline Kuyumba – Taishet

Association of Experts
The sixth meeting of IAOT was held in Budapest

Formula of the Standard
The ministries of energy, economic development and justice began preparing a pipeline act.

Ditching Dollar Dependency
Russian crude will be sold at St. Petersburg commodity exchange

Remunerative Path
Russia will forego the transshipment of petroleum products via Latvian ports

Volumes Start Growing
Record volume of crude transported over the CPC oil pipeline predicted

Caspian Stakes on Consortium
Director General of CPC divulged the plans after the pipeline extension

Comparative Advantage
Transneft performance indicators proved better in comparison with those of foreign companies

Sensitive Fiber
They began using artificial neural networks on pipelines in Russia

A Little Bird Told Me
Details of a scientific novelty with self-education opportunities are disclosed

Prospective Course
First students enrolled for Master’s programme of MGIMO and Transneft

Classroom Works
Oil companies set to the development of school education

Save and Preserve
Fresco paintings dating from the XVII century are restored in the Assumption Cathedral

Conserving the Environment
Transneft will pay special attention to sustainability of its operations

Preventive Measures
In 2017 the Company will allocate 24 billion rubles for conservation efforts

Territory of Trust
Themes for discussion at the Russian-US forum Dialogue-Fort-Ross

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