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Winners of Best in Profession international contest are named

Date of publication: 9 August 2017 Printable version

Pictured: participants of “Best in the Profession” international contest

The Best in the Profession international contest, holding this year in Omsk, Russia, at industrial facilities of Transneft, is over. Best representatives of eight blue-collar occupations in the oil pipeline sector were named.  

Participating in the international contest were representatives of seven oil transport companies: Transneft (Russia), KazTransOil (Kazakhstan), Gomeltransneft Druzhba (Belarus), MERO C.R. (Czech Republic), Transpetrol (Slovakia), MOL (Hungary) and China National Petroleum Corporation (China). The winners were named during the closing ceremony that took place on 9 August 2017 in the Omsk State Drama Theatre.

The ceremony was opened by Chairman of the Contest Central Committee, Vice President of Transneft Boris Korol. He thanked everyone who participated in the international contest and noted a high level of its organization. Mr. Korol emphasized the importance of this event for developing the oil pipeline industry as a whole. “This is a good basis for exchanging experience, forming new standards, and an indispensable condition of implementing the industry’s large-scale plans on a global level,” he pointed out.

The main contest events were staged in the industrial venue of Omsk LODS, Transneft – Western Siberia, on 8 August 2017. Members of the contest committees strictly assessed the level of practical skills and theoretical knowledge of all participants, keeping an eye on compliance with the industrial and occupational safety requirements.

In the course of competitions Transneft representatives showcased top craftsmanship, winning first prizes in all eight categories. In the Best electric and gas welder category the Central Contest Committee decided to award the gold medal to two contestants: Roman Garin (Transneft) and Tolegen Malchibaev (KazTransOil). Top three prize-winners in different categories also included representatives of teams Gomeltransneft Druzhba (Belarus) and China National Petroleum Corporation.

For representatives of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and China participation in the Best in Profession international contest this year has been the first experience, whereas Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have been participating in this event for many years, since the very first contest in 2007. The workers of the Central European companies, during their preparation, targeted the presentation of their professional skills more than the competition per se. Team members promised to take their preparation mistakes into account and shared their confidence that they would turn the tables next time.

Andrey Verigo, a member of the Central Committee from Gomeltransneft, characterized the contest as a new stage in developing partnership relations between the Byelorussian company and Transneft. “I’d like to mention a special new level of trust, the application of new technologies including those that draw upon real-time video recording and monitoring at contest venues. This is a stride forward! Nobody had any questions; even the participants communicated more like friends than rivals,” he said. Starting next year, workers of Gomeltransneft Druzhba will be trained at the industrial facilities of the Russian operator of oil trunk pipelines.

Winners of Best in the Profession international contest

Oil pump station operator:

1st prize – Vitaly V. Blinov (Transneft)

2d prize – Shuga Samat (KazTransOil)

3d prize – Lyudmila I. Moroz (Gomeltransneft Druzhba)

Commodity loading operator:

1st prize – Ivan A. Starodubov (Transneft)

2d prize – Serizhan B. Taubaev (KazTransOil)

3d prize – Li Gencheng (China National Petroleum Corporation)

Instrumentation and automation fitter:

1st prize – Semion A. Terentyev (Transneft)

2d prize – Shora Nursultan (KazTransOil)

3d prize – Alexey P. Goroshko (Gomeltransneft Druzhba)

Processing units repairman:

1st prize – Sergey A. Preminin (Transneft)

2d prize – Abay K. Beysenov (KazTransOil)

3d prize – Sergey G. Alesich (Gomeltransneft Druzhba)

Chemical analysis laboratory assistant:

1st prize – Aleksandr D. Vasyunin (Transneft)

2d prize – Olga M. Lazar (Gomeltransneft Druzhba)

Ma Yu (China National Petroleum Corporation)

3d prize – Gulshat Mukanova (KazTransOil)

Best Electric and Gas Welder:

1st prize – Roman G. Garin (Transneft)

Tolegen A. Malchibaev (KazTransOil)

2d prize – Dmitry D. Mikhovich (Gomeltransneft Druzhba)

3d prize – Chi Dazhuang (Chinese National Petroleum Corporation)

Line pipeliner:

1st prize – Alexey P. Remezov (Transneft)

2d prize – Aset E. Tilegenov (KazTransOil)

3d prize – Valeriy L. Turkov (Gomeltransneft Druzhba)

Electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitter:

1st prize – Andrey V. Potemkin (Transneft)

2d prize – Vitaliy N. Karpov (KazTransOil)

3d prize – Anton A. Simonov (Gomeltransneft Druzhba)

Pictured: participants of the Best in Profession international contest

This year the Best in Profession international contest was held in Omsk, Russia, at the industrial facilities of Transneft

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