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Transneft Welders Win Prizes in International Skill Competition

Date of publication: 3 July 2017 Printable version

Photo: the competitors. Russia won first prize in the team competition.

Transneft specialists were part of the Russian national team, which put in an excellent performance at the 2017 Shanghai Arc Cup. The contest between the world’s best professional welders was held in Shanghai (China) from 24 June to 30 June to accompany the 70th General Assembly and International Conference of the International Institute of Welding (IIW). Two Transneft professionals finished in the world’s Top-6 for manual arc welding, and the Russian team took first place overall in that nomination.

Electric welders Vitaly Lobzhanidze (Transneft North) and Artyom Tryastsin (Transneft Ural) took the fourth and sixth places for arc welding skills. Both men have been regular competitors and winners in professional skill competitions. They qualified to join the Russian team of 16 welders in Shanghai based on their performance in the finals of Best Russian Welder 2017, where they took second and third places for manual electric arc welding.

A total of 248 welders from 12 countries met in Shanghai to vie for prizes in six nominations. Russian specialists rubbed shoulders with welders from Kazakhstan, Serbia, Mongolia, India, Vietnam, Ukraine, South Africa, Nigeria, and Cameroon. China itself fielded the biggest team: there were 57 Chinese competitors in all nominations. There were 74 contestants specializing in manual arc welding.

The Transneft representatives prepared for the competition at the facilities of Transneft North, following the terms of reference described by the organizers. The equipment used for the competition tasks was similar to that used in Russia. Pipe diameter in Shanghai was 133 mm, which is unknown in Russia, but the Russian contestants still managed to demonstrate their excellence.

The Top-6 welders in each nomination at the Shanghai Arc Cup received prizes. Other winners in the manual arc welding nomination came from the Russian companies, Gazprom and Stroygazconsulting, and also from India and Mongolia.

Vitaly Lobzhanidze has worked since 2015 as an electric and gas welder at the emergency repair section of the Ukhta Central Maintenance Division in the Ukhta Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate of Transneft North and has 14 years experience in the profession. Artem Tryastsin has served since 2013 as electric and gas welder at the Leninsk repair section of the Chelyabinsk Central Maintenance Division, which is part of the Chelyabinsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate within Transneft Ural. He has 15 years of professional experience. Both men have proven themselves as highly qualified specialists who are conscientious in performance of their duties.

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