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Some statements made by Vice President of Transneft Sergey Andronov for media

Date of publication: 8 September 2017 Printable version

Vice President of Trasneft Sergey Andronov took part in the meeting of the International Association of Oil Transporters (IAOT) in Astana, Kazakhstan. On the sidelines of this event he answered a number of questions asked by media people.

Forecasting oil export

The pipeline export of Russian oil went down in 2017 against 2016, when it stood at 237.8 million tonnes, Mr. Andronov told the journalists.

“All in all we expect the pipeline export to be below the level of 2016,” he said. In the words of Mr. Andronov, one of the reasons is agreements with OPEC and another one is larger volumes of crude refining in Russia.

Vice President of Transneft also pointed out that the schedule of crude export over pipelines for Q4 does not imply any growth compared to Q3.

On oil supplies to China

China asks the Russian side for lesser volumes of crude to be pumped in 2018 over the ESPO offshoot – oil pipeline Skovorodino - Mohe, and for higher volumes to be delivered towards Kozmino port, said Andronov.

He reminded that starting on 1 January 2018, some 30 million tonnes of crude must be delivered over this supply route. “But because of delays with revamping of the refinery in China, where crude must be directed over the said pipeline, our Chinese colleagues ask us to continue delivering certain volumes of crude via Kozmino port in 2018,” explained the Vice President of Transneft.

According to Mr. Andronov, the sides discuss crude supplies at the level of 28.0-28.5 million tonnes over the oil pipeline Skovorodino - Mohe next year. “Accordingly, 1.5-2.0 million tonnes can be supplied via Kozmino port,” he added.

“We’ve analyzed requests for oil transportation over ESPO in 2018 from companies and, proceeding from the available technical potential, we’ll finalize the volumes to be supplied over the aforementioned routes with RF Ministry of Energy, Rosneft and CNPC. No doubt, our main goal is maximizing the volumes to be pumped over the oil pipeline Skovorodino - Mohe,” Andronov pointed out.

Transneft Vice President reminded that the supplies of Russian crude to China via Kazakhstan are expected to reach 10 million tonnes in 2018.

Mr. Andronov also revealed that oil transportation routes and volumes for 2018, as per the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and China, will be determined in the third decade of September in Beijing at the time of the Russia-China intergovernmental commission meeting.

On volumes of crude to be fed to the oil pipelines Zapolyarye – Purpe and Kuyumba – Tayshet

Oil companies have updated their requests for crude oil supplies over the oil pipeline Zapolyarye – Purpe: in 2017 the volume will come to about 4.7 million tonnes, Andronov informed.

“Slightly less than 5 million tonnes of crude – 4.7 million tonnes – is expected to be fed to the oil pipeline Zapolyarye - Purpe in 2017,” he said.

In the words of the Vice President of Transneft, about 1 million tonnes of crude will be fed to the oil pipeline Kuyumba - Tayshet.

On crude supplies to Belarussian refineries

In Q4 Transneft will supply 4.5 million tonnes of crude to Belarussian refineries, total supplies in 2017 amounting to 18 million tonnes of crude, Andronov told the journalists.

“Crude supplies to the refineries of Belarus are expected at the level of 4.5 million tonnes in Q4, which corresponds to the annual volume of 18 million tonnes,” he said.

On diesel supplies to Ukraine

Transneft plans to supply 2.5 million tonnes of diesel to Ukraine this year.

“The forecast supply of diesel to Ukraine in 2017 is 2.5 million tonnes, well above the level of 2016. Current supplies amount to about 250,000 tonnes a month,” informed Mr. Andronov answering the questions of journalists.

Based on the materials of Interfax and TASS
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