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YUG Project. Phase 2. Construction of Volgograd-Tikhoretsk PPTP (petroleum products trunk pipeline)

Project implementation basis:

  • Russian Energy Strategy for the period through 2030, approved by Resolution No.1715-r of the Russian Federation Government dated November 13, 2009;
  • The Master Plan for development of oil industry of the Russian Federation through 2020, approved June 6, 2011 by Order No.212 of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation;
  • Transneft’s strategy for the period through 2020 approved by Transneft Board of Directors.

Project implementation objective:

Ensure transportation of diesel fuel by Volgograd – Tikhoretsk pipeline section to Novorossiysk Port from oil refineries of the Russian Federation and enable the intake of petroleum products by railway transport.

The project includes construction of a 6 MTPA trunk oil pipeline, which includes linear section facilities, construction of oil pumping stations with tank farm and external power supply facilities, and construction of a railroad unloading facility.

The completion of the project is scheduled in 2018.

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