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CPC expansion project

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Under the contract No. 1/251/01/07 dated June 22, 2007, Transneft, JSC is the trustee of 24% federally owned shares of CPC-R, JSC and CPC-K, JSC; and under the contract No. 01-13/530/565/18/09 dated December 9, 2009, Transneft, JSC is the trustee of 100% federally owned shares of CPC Company and CPC Investments Company (owing 7% shares of CPC-R, JSC and CPC-K, JSC).

The extent of CPC pipeline is 1,510 km. The capacity of the CPC operating system is 28.2M tons of oil per year.

On December 15, 2010, the CPC management bodies adopted the final decision on investments under the project of increasing the Tengiz – Novorossiysk pipeline capacity and signed the contract “On Amending Shareholders Agreement of 1996”.

The pipeline capacity will be increased up to 67M tons per year (up to 76M tons per year using anti-friction additives). The expansion project budget is 5.6 billion US dollars.

In December 2013, in the framework of the implementation of the 1st stage of the “CPC extension” project, authorization has been obtained to operate the third tanker loading unit (LDU-З) in the waters of the Marine Terminal near the city of Novorossiysk, and several pumping stations (PS) were put into operation in the territory of the Russian Federation (Astrakhanskaya PS, Kropotkinskaya PS, Komsomolskaya PS). As a result of modernization and commissioning of the mentioned PSs, the CPC pipeline transmission capacity was increased in 2014 by 8 mln tons of oil per year and is allocated between the PSs as follows:

Atyrau PS – 1 million tons of oils per year;

Komsomolskaya PS – 1 million tons of oils per year;

Kropotkinskaya PS – 6 million tons of oils per year.

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